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Sound Cleaning Resources recently completed dryer duct cleaning for a commercial client with 9 separate retail locations. After reviewing the before and after results, it’s clear to see why dryer duct cleaning is important. While we often take for granted the dryers we rely on to keep our clothes clean and dry, it’s critical to keep our dryers running efficiently and safely. Another happy customer!

Does Dryer Duct Cleaning Help Prevent Fires?

Dryer ducts can easily become clogged with lint, dust, allergens, and other debris that gets trapped in the ducts over time. If this lint or debris is not removed, it can reduce the efficiency of the dryer and increase the risk of fire. In fact, the US Fire Administration estimates that there are around 15,500 dryer related fires each year in the United States and a clogged dryer duct is one of the leading causes of these fires.

Can Dryer Duct Cleaning Increase Energy Efficiency?

Regularly cleaning your dryer duct can help prevent a fire and save you money on your energy bills. A clogged dryer duct can increase the amount of energy needed to dry your clothes, resulting in higher energy bills. It can also lead to your dryer taking longer to dry your clothes, resulting in extra wear and tear on your machine.

How Sound Cleaning Can Help

It’s a great idea to have your dryer duct professionally cleaned regularly, especially if you notice that your dryer is not working as efficiently as it should. A professional cleaner will be able to remove any lint and debris that may have built up in the duct over time. Sound Cleaning utilizes an agitating device to scrub inside of the ducts loosening dust, debris particles, allergens, etc. We then follow up using compressed air and a commercial extractor to extract inside of the duct walls to remove dust, debris particles, allergens, etc.

Taking the time to clean your dryer duct can help keep your dryer running efficiently and help prevent a potential fire. So don’t forget to add dryer duct cleaning to your spring cleaning checklist and give Sound Cleaning a call today! Click to learn more about our Commercial Duct Cleaning and Residential Duct Cleaning services!

Dryer Duct Cleaning Results