Disinfecting Services

Keep your work place or office clean and safe from harmful viruses and bacteria with Sound Cleaning professional disinfecting services.

At Sound Cleaning, we understand the importance of proper sanitation and disinfecting techniques in order to prevent the spread of illness and disease.  We go to great lengths in order to train our employees how to clean and disinfect high contact surfaces because we care about your health and wellness.  Sound Cleaning is in compliance with OSHA & WISHA Regulations.


Cleaning and Disinfecting Process

  • Clean and sanitize areas
  • Hand clean and disinfect high touch surfaces with ProKure V
  • Utilize Fogger with ProKure V pharmaceutical-grade disinfectant/fungicide/ sanitizer/tuberculocide to sanitize high-touch hard surfaces and permeable upholstered surfaces
  • Leave ProKure V to set on surfaces for 15 minutes
  • Let space air out for one day and occupancy available the next day

Coronavirus – Proactively Protect Yourself

The COVID-19 virus quickly spreads and primarily transmits on contact from high touch surfaces such as door handles, light switches, countertops, phones, etc. Viruses are spread through body fluids released from sneezing, coughing or direct contact with others. Once a contaminated individual touches these high contact surfaces the virus can remain long after they have left. Our disinfecting services focus on preventing this primary form of transmission. We effectively disinfect all high touch areas and surfaces on a regular basis to keep you, your coworkers, and customers healthy.


A Complete Disinfecting and Sanitizing Solution

Have a virus going around at the office? Sound Cleaning has you covered! We utilize fogging technology in addition to traditional hand disinfecting to provide a complete disinfecting and sanitizing solution. We start by hand cleaning and disinfecting high touch surfaces with a pharmaceutical-grade disinfectant such as, ProKure V. Then we utilize a fogger with ProKure V or similar disinfectant to sanitize high-touch hard surfaces and permeable upholstered surfaces. The solution sits on surfaces for 15 minutes before airing out for one day with occupancy available the next day. This process is an effective way to sanitize buildings and rooms with positive cases of illness. The disinfecting process and cleaning solutions may vary depending on your personal disinfecting needs.

Disinfecting Safety Standards

Sound Cleaning commits to keeping our customers and employees safe through these concerning times. All of our technicians utilize the CDC recommended personal protective equipment to limit the risk of transmission as much as possible. We strive to maintain the recommended 6 feet of social distancing at all times and utilize face coverings and gloves on every job. We maintain these standards so you can relax and leave the cleaning to us.


Disinfecting Services Include:

On-going Disinfecting Service

High Contact Surface Cleaning

Floor Disinfecting

Carpet Cleaning

Disinfecting Fogging

Hard and Permeable Surface Sanitizing

Past Project Examples

Frequently Asked Question

Who does the disinfecting?

We use highly motivated cleaning associates that undergo a strict training program. In addition, for recurring services our Field Supervisors perform quality control, training and cleaning visits on site on a regular basis. The same individual or team will get to know your office and cleaning specifications.


What disinfecting services do you provide?

We offer on-going services for high touch areas, one time fogging services, and more! We customize a disinfecting program based on your needs. From there, we customize a package for you that is broken down according to the type of disinfecting and frequency.

What is the frequency of disinfecting?

On-going services are typically performed on a daily or weekly schedule whereas deep disinfecting such as deep cleaning, fogging, carpet cleaning, and floor care are performed be weekly, monthly, quarterly or as needed.

Are you insured for disinfecting services?

Yes, we are licensed bonded and insured.

Do you have references specifically from other disinfecting customers?

Yes, we will be happy to provide you with names and numbers of current customers.

How much does it cost for disinfecting services?

Prices can vary based on size, scope of services, and frequency. Call us at (425) 451-3337click here for an online estimate form or email us at for a free customized estimate!