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Job Showcase: Marion Apartments Carpet Cleaning


At Sound Cleaning we pride ourselves on our expertise in tackling the toughest of challenges when it comes to all of our services, including carpet cleaning. Recently, we were called to rejuvenate the carpeted common areas of an apartment building in Seattle’s U district that had been plagued with large, stubborn stains. Due to poor weather, the carpet was not in great shape and required immediate attention. With our advanced techniques and dedication to excellence, we embarked on this project determined to deliver outstanding results.

Our first step was to pre-treat the stains to maximize removal potential. Leveraging our advanced truck-mounted steam cleaning system, we meticulously steam cleaned the carpeted areas, ensuring thoroughness and efficiency in the process. We employed a non-soap detergent that leaves no odor, residue, or adverse impact on indoor air quality. Despite the resilience of the stains, we persisted, making a second trip after the carpets had dried to ensure the results were up to our standards. Although it took two trips as the stains were deeper and tougher than expected, we did everything in our ability to make sure we came out with the desired results. This project not only showcases our technical ability, but also shows our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and superior service delivery. If you have carpets with challenging and stubborn stains don’t hesitate to reach out today for a free estimate. We stand behind our work and will ensure you get the best results that we can deliver.

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