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Keeping Your Trash Chute and Trash Room Clean and Odor-Free


Keeping your trash chute and trash room clean are an important part of maintaining a safe, healthy, and sanitary environment in your condo or apartment building. While it may not seem like a big deal, regular trash chute cleaning can help prevent odors and pests, increase curb appeal, and extend the life of your chute. Recently, Sound Cleaning was called to clean a trash room and parking garage at Reo Flats in Seattle. They had management visiting in two days and needed the work done within 24 hours. Here is what Betsy Outlaw, Senior Property Manager for Reo Flats had to say, Day to day operations can be daunting especially when we are understaffed and Sound Cleaning jumps right in to assist without fail. We were having difficulties finding vendors who not only could schedule us last minute in a pinch but also provide top notch customer service! Sound Cleaning has been our go to for onsite projects from trash chute cleaning, to pressure washing our exterior areas!”

When it comes to keeping your building’s trash chutes and trash rooms clean and odor-free, it’s important to hire a professional to ensure the best results. Below are reasons why you should consider Sound Cleaning for your next trash chute and trash room cleaning:


1. Odor Reduction: Trash chutes and trash rooms are exposed to a variety of waste and debris, which can harbor bacteria and germs and are notorious for developing unpleasant odors. This can be particularly off-putting to tenants and visitors. With regular cleaning these odors can be eliminated easily and can help reduce the risk of the spread of harmful contaminants.

2. Preventative Maintenance: Regular cleanings help to prevent the buildup of debris and grime, which can cause damage to the chute, compactors and their components over time. Professional cleaning can also help reduce the risk of rust and corrosion, as well as inspect the chute for signs of wear and tear, ensuring that any necessary repairs are addressed before they become bigger problems.

3. Cost Savings: Hiring a professional to clean your building’s trash chutes and trash room can actually save you money in the long run. Regular cleanings can help to prolong the life of the chute and its parts, reducing the need for costly repairs or replacements. Professional cleaning services also utilizes powerful industrial-grade equipment that are designed to get the job done quickly and effectively.

4. Safety: Professional cleaning services uses equipment to thoroughly clean and sanitize the trash chute, trash room, and its components, ensuring that all harmful material is removed and that the chute and trash room are safe for use. Regular cleanings will prevent pests like rodents and insects from entering the chute. Additionally, this can help reduce the risk of fires, as the build-up of trash and debris can be a fire hazard.

For the above reasons, it is important to ensure that your trash chute and trash room are properly cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. As you can see in the photos below the level of dirt and grime that had built up overtime was quite substantial. Here is what Betsy had to say about the results, “Sound Cleaning was able provide a timely turnaround and brought our curb appeal back to life! Their crew has been the friendliest and most efficient team we have outsourced to help with items on our task list.” Regular trash chute and trash room cleaning is an important part of maintaining a safe, healthy, and sanitary environment, so don’t hesitate to hire a professional like Sound Cleaning and let us handle it!

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