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Job Showcase: River Ridge Condominium Association Gutter System Replacement


Sound Cleaning Resources recently completed a comprehensive gutter and downspout system replacement project for River Ridge Condominium Association in SeaTac. The project encompassed the complete replacement of the gutter system for 13 buildings, a mail kiosk, and 3 detached garages. The decision-making process involved a thorough assessment by the board members, who requested three references, a showcase sample results, copies of insurance and licenses, and flexibility in choosing gutter colors. Sound Cleaning promptly fulfilled these requests to meet all criteria set forth by the board members. The results of the evaluation instilled confidence in River Ridge, leading them to select Sound Cleaning as the trusted partner for their gutter replacement needs.

The primary objective of the replacement was to upgrade the gutter system, ensuring proper alignment for effective slope and flow. This preventive measure aimed to mitigate issues related to water pooling or flooding over the gutters. The project required the replacement of approximately 7,400 feet of 6K gutters, downspouts, elbows, and straps, and was executed with precision and attention to detail through the following process.

We started with clearing off the roofs of debris and fully cleaning out the existing gutters and downspouts before removing the old gutter system to ensure a suitable surface for the new gutter system. This strategic groundwork set the stage for the seamless installation of the new 6K style seamless gutter system, chosen for its durability and aesthetic appeal.

Color continuity was a key consideration, so we matched the new gutter system’s color to the existing Pebblestone Clay shade. The new gutters were formed on site which allowed for custom fitting and precise measurements, ensuring each gutter was tailored to the specific dimensions of the buildings. We prioritized the proper slope and flow of the gutter system to eliminate issues such as water pooling or flooding over the gutters, ultimately enhancing the functionality of the new system. Once the installations were completed, Sound Cleaning went the extra mile by including clean-up and disposal services, leaving the community in a pristine condition

Sound Cleaning was proud to be selected for the gutter system replacement project and provide peace of mind to River Ridge knowing that their new gutters will function effectively. If you or a community you manage need gutter cleaning, repairs, or a full system replacement, don’t hesitate to contact us today for a free estimate!

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