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Job Showcase: Residential Home Exterior Rejuvenation


Sound Cleaning Resources recently performed a transformative cleaning service for a local residence, providing an all-encompassing package that made the property shine. The full cleaning included roof blowing, gutter cleaning, downspout flushing, pressure washing, and we topped it all off with a window cleaning.

Beginning with the roof blowing, we cleared the home’s roof of leaves, twigs, and assorted debris utilizing a high-powered blower. This clears up any potential issues and, of course, freshens up the home’s look for the summer. Following this, our team cleared out the gutters and downspouts to allow water to properly flow into the gutters and away from the foundation.

We then utilized a gentle pressure washer injected with detergent to eliminate dirt, grime, and mildew from the home’s exterior. The detergent softens up the debris, supporting the rinse-off of the home’s exterior and helping prevent future growth when maintained regularly. To finish the full-scale exterior project, our window cleaning specialists brought clarity back to the exterior windows, skylights, garage doors and the glass awning above the front door.

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