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Job Showcase: N 46th St, Seattle, Pressure Washing


At Sound Cleaning Resources, we take pride in revitalizing community spaces. Recently, we had the privilege of pressure washing the beautiful mural on N 46th St in Seattle for the Fremont Chamber of Commerce. This vibrant piece of local artistry had dulled over time due to the accumulation of dirt and grime partially attributed to nearby road construction. Our mission was to restore its original splendor while ensuring the preservation of its intricate and colorful details. Here’s a glimpse into the process.

The preparation and setup included a portable water tank to ensure a consistent and reliable water source for our commercial truck-mounted variable power washer due to no water access on-site. Detergent was injected through the machine as needed to effectively break down grime. We meticulously removed any debris, including dirt and dust, and used light pressure on delicate areas to prevent damage while ensuring that no part of the beautiful art was left untreated. Post-wash, we thoroughly cleaned up any fallen debris and residue from the ground, ensuring no trace of the cleaning process was left behind. Lastly, we removed and disposed of all debris, leaving the area pristine and the mural colors extra vibrant. The painting now stands as a beacon of public unity. Its colors are bright and inviting, and both visitors and locals alike can once again appreciate the craftsmanship and creativity that went into its creation. By removing the buildup, Sound Cleaning Resources has not only enhanced the mural’s aesthetic appeal but also extended its lifespan, protecting it from the damaging effects of dust and debris.

Image of the mural on 46th St Seattle after pressure washing has been finished showing a different section
Image of the mural on 46th St Seattle after pressure washing has been finished