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Job Showcase: Lakeview Lanai Roof Blowing, Moss Inhibitor Application, Gutter Cleaning, Downspout Flushing


CWD Group asked Sound Cleaning Resources to provide Lakeview Lanai Condos with a complete roof rejuvenation, focusing on both cleaning and future protection.

  • Our detailed approach included several key services:
    Roof Blowing: We utilized high-powered commercial backpack blowers to remove and loose debris from the roof’s surface. This eliminates leaves, twigs, and other materials that can trap moisture and contribute to moss growth.
    Moss Inhibitor Application: We applied a coat of “Spray & Forget” liquid moss inhibitor. This product is designed to slow the regrowth of moss, offering long-term protection for the roof. It’s important to note that this product won’t remove existing moss, but rather prevents future spores from taking root.
    Gutter Cleaning: Our team thoroughly cleaned out any debris that had accumulated inside the gutters. This included leaves, dirt, needles, and any plant growth that could impede water flow.
    Downspout Flushing: We used a combination of hoses and blowers to ensure that downspouts were completely clear of blockages. This guarantees that rainwater can drain efficiently away from the building’s foundation.
    Exterior Cleaning: After cleaning the gutters, we removed any excess debris from the outside of the gutters, siding, grass, shrubs, and walkways.
    Debris Removal: All debris collected during the cleaning process was properly disposed of.

If you’re looking for a reliable company to handle your roof cleaning and gutter maintenance needs, Sound Cleaning Resources is your one-stop shop for all things clean. We take pride in offering our clients an all-encompassing approach that addresses both current issues and future preventative measures. Contact us today for a free quote!

Roof Blowing and Moss Inhibitor Application Results