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A recent project for Dogwood Lane Condos in Bellevue showcases our expertise in tackling large and challenging roof cleaning tasks with hard work and tenacity. The community was focused on the safety of our techs during the project, and was ensured throughout that we were the right team for the job. Faced with roofs covered in thick layers of debris and moss, our trained professionals assembled all necessary safety gear needed to tackle a job of this size. The project encompassed two distinct roof types: medium pitch roofs with composite shingles overrun by moss, and flat roofs covered with substantial debris, and pooled water due to clogged scuppers.


Our approach included an array of services tailored to the project’s specifications. Utilizing a commercial water variable power washer paired with liquid detergent injection, we thoroughly removed layers of moss, algae, mildew, dirt, debris, and grime from the roofs. To inhibit moss regrowth, we applied zinc sulfate powder, ensuring long-lasting protection against moss infestation.


In addition to roof cleaning, our scope included gutter and scupper maintenance. We removed dirt, grime, leaves, and debris from within the gutters and scuppers, employing hoses as needed to clean the bottom and sides thoroughly. Downspouts underwent flushing to clear any blockages, ensuring proper drainage and preventing potential water damage that could have been caused if left unattended.


Once completed, we rinsed any residue resulting from the cleaning process off siding and windows, leaving the entire exterior in better shape than when we first arrived. Debris was removed using drainage filters where necessary to ensure environmentally responsible disposal.


This project showcase underscores our dedication to excellence in every aspect of roof maintenance and cleaning. With our skilled team, advanced equipment, and comprehensive approach, we delivered outstanding results while prioritizing safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.