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Job Showcase: Brooklyn Walk Shingle Replacement, Coupler Adapter Repair, Water Diverter Installation and More


Brooklyn Walk in Bellevue recently enjoyed the numerous benefits of a comprehensive roofing and exterior maintenance project executed by our skilled team at Sound Cleaning Resources. Across 32 buildings we meticulously re-secured loose attic vents, fixed flapper vents, and repaired or replaced pipe-boots, ensuring the longevity and stability of these crucial structures. Utilizing 40-foot ladders, our experts ensured the stability and longevity of attic ventilation, pipe-boots, and flapper vents that were found to be in disrepair. To reinforce these structures, we employed screws with Neoprene washers to create a secure and weather-resistant finish.

Addressing specific needs in Building 14 and 15, our roof repairs involved shingle replacement in a Pewter Gray hue to seamlessly match the existing color. In Building 33, the installation of a new 3x4x4 coupler adapter rectified a missing component. Buildings 15 and 31 received three water diverters each to safeguard against water erosion, which, if left unchecked, can compromise building siding and lead to internal leaks. Properly installed water diverters complement the roof’s protective role for homes.

Our project also included pressure washing for all walkways, steps, and driveways on the property. Employing a commercial variable power washer and surface cleaner, we effectively removed moss, algae, mildew, dirt, debris, and grime. The pressure was meticulously adjusted to prevent damage and ensure a visually appealing exterior to the property, enhancing the longevity of surfaces and creating a pleasing, clean outdoor atmosphere. This comprehensive approach is topped off with the removal of all debris created from the work so we leave the property better than when we found it. Read more about our roof repair services!


Roof Repair Results