Case Study: KidsQuest Children’s Museum

“Sound Cleaning has been our cleaning service for as long as I can remember. Their team’s work is perfect. There’s no other company that we would trust.”

Chris Dowling
Exhibits and Facilities Manager
KidsQuest Children’s Museum


How KidsQuest Children’s Museum
keeps eight different floor surfaces clean
enough for children to play on.



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For Exhibits and Facilities Manager Chris Dowling, keeping the entire KidsQuest Children’s Museum clean so that patrons can play on the floors is a high priority.

“The museum serves between 250 and 800 visitors each day,” said Chris. “With that much traffic, we have to constantly clean the floors. But daily cleaning isn’t enough—we also have to deep clean and refinish all of the floor surfaces at least four times each year.”

What makes Chris’s job difficult is that the building has many different surfaces, including vinyl, Marmoleum, tile, cement, stone, rough granite, carpet, and cork. Because each surface must be cleaned in the appropriate manner, it was essential for the museum to work with a provider with experience in handling each one of those surfaces—and that provider turned out to be Sound Cleaning Resources.


Sound Cleaning’s team of highly trained floor and carpet technicians provide ongoing maintenance services to keep the museum’s floors looking their best. The team also checks in with Chris at regular intervals to make sure that the museum’s cleaning needs are met.

“The team at Sound Cleaning does a fantastic job on all of the surfaces in the museum,” said Chris. “No other company would touch our cork floors because they require special treatment, but that wasn’t a problem for Sound Cleaning.”

Like he has for many years, Chris counts on the Sound Cleaning team to get the job done as promised, on time, without delays, and without security concerns. And as always, the team leaves the museum the way they found it so that museum staff can go about their daily business without interruption.


One-stop shopping for hard-to-clean surfaces

Reliable cleaning that takes the burden off staff

Excellent quality, professionalism, and value

Click Here To Download The PDF Case Study

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