Case Study: CWD Group, Inc.

I definitely recommend the Sound Cleaning team. No matter how big or small the job, their team has been there to address those needs.

Chris Freedman
Community Association
Manager, CWD Group


CWD Group receives a full range of cleaning and maintenance services for its homeowner’s association communities through a single vendor: Sound Cleaning Resources.

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Chris Freedman, Community Association Manager at CWD Group, has his hands full with managing more than two hundred homeowner’s association (HOA) communities. Each community requires ongoing maintenance such as janitorial services, pressure washing, and the cleaning of gutters, dryer ducts, windows, floors, and carpets. If these services aren’t performed well, the properties will gradually deteriorate.

With so many needs, Chris faced the daunting task of sourcing numerous service providers and getting multiple estimates for each job category in a timely manner. To save time and effort, Chris instead sought a single provider that could get quality work done promptly and at a fair price. Additionally, Chris’s busy schedule necessitated working with a provider that would contact him when services were due to be performed again so the buildings wouldn’t fall behind on needed maintenance.

Chris’s search led him to find what he was looking for in Sound Cleaning Resources.


The Sound Cleaning team provided timely estimates for each service required by CWD Group, complete with written competitive bids. The team also gave Chris a schedule that informed him of the completion date for each job.

“Working with Sound Cleaning was a pleasure,” said Chris. “No matter how big or small the job, their team has been there to address those needs.”

As the work progressed, the Sound Cleaning team checked in with Chris to confirm that tasks were completed on schedule and with the promised quality. Chris also appreciated the team’s habit of providing him with service reminders to help him stay up to date on maintenance issues. This gave Chris a much-needed sense of certainty that his properties were well-maintained.


Multiple services through a single provider

High-quality work backed by Sound Cleaning’s reputation

Excellent initial and follow-up communication

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