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We love to brag about our Technicians and show their quality of work whenever we can. Bill completed a tile and grout cleaning and sealing job for a residential condominium community and took these before and after photos:

Here is a little about the process: First, we vacuum the floors removing all particles, dirt, debris, dust, etc. Next, we machine scrub the tile and grout with a scrubbing pad using Procyon tile and grout cleaner. Then, we extract soil using a hard surface steam cleaning tool up to 1000 psi to remove soiling from grout. Next, we polish the floor with 175 rpm floor machine with a polishing pad. Next, we apply sealer to the grout providing long lasting durability. Finally, we polish the floor again with 175 rpm floor machine with “Hoghair” polishing pad if needed. Drop us a line if you want to brighten up your ceramic, natural stone, porcelain or any kind of tile and grout.

Great job Bill!